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"give udtryk for" po angielsku

give udtryk for {czas. przech.}

DA give udtryk for
{czasownik przechodni}

give udtryk for
to put into words {czas. przech.}
give udtryk for
to indicate {czas. przech.}
Derfor vil jeg personligt give udtryk for min vilje til at arbejde på et kompromis.
Consequently, I should like to indicate my personal readiness to work for a compromise.
Vi har i dag alle kunnet vise vore kort og give udtryk for vore ønsker.
Each of us has today had the opportunity to indicate in full public view what he wanted and display his choices.
Hr. formand, er vi ikke allerede kommet et godt stykke videre med udviklingen af den fælleseuropæiske transportpolitik, end forhandlingen i dag har tendens til at give udtryk for?
Mr President, are we not considerably further ahead with the development of the common transport policy than today's debate would seem to indicate?
give udtryk for

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give czasownik
udtryk rzeczownik
for przysłówek
for spójnik
for przyimek
før rzeczownik
før przysłówek
før spójnik
før przyimek

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DanishPå vegne af Den Liberale Gruppe vil jeg også gerne give udtryk for tilfredshed.
On behalf of the Liberal Group, I should also like to express our satisfaction.
DanishVi vil gerne give udtryk for vores solidaritet med soldaterne og deres familie.
We would like to express our solidarity with the soldiers and their families.
DanishJeg vil gerne give udtryk for to bekymringer set ud fra en humanitær synsvinkel.
There are two further concerns of a humanitarian nature that I should like to voice.
DanishDet omfatter retten til at give udtryk for sine idéer, uanset om vi kan lide dem.
That includes the right to express one's ideas, whether or not we like these ideas.
DanishAlligevel skal jeg også give udtryk for Kommissionens institutionelle holdning.
But I also have to take into consideration the Commission's institutional position.
DanishJeg er selv meget splittet, og det vil jeg så alligevel forsigtigt give udtryk for.
So I really am in two minds, and I would just like to cautiously mention that.
DanishJeg vil også give udtryk for en meget alvorlig bekymring over den humanitære krise.
I would also like to express my serious concern about the humanitarian crisis.
DanishJeg vil benytte lejligheden til at give udtryk for såvel beklagelse som håb.
I would like to take this opportunity to express one regret and voice one hope.
DanishForud for et møde i Det Europæiske Råd kan vi blot give udtryk for vores ønsker.
Prior to a European Council meeting, all we can do is to formulate wishes.
DanishOg jeg vil klart give udtryk for min anerkendelse af det mod, som han har udvist.
I should like my admiration for him and for the courage he has shown to go on record.
DanishBiagi, ud over at give udtryk for min deltagelse over for hans familie og venner.
Secondly, I would like to express my condolences to his family and friends.
DanishHr. formand, vi kan i disse dage alligevel give udtryk for stor beundring for USA.
Mr President, you certainly have to hand it to the United States these days.
DanishJeg mener, at ethvert medlem har ret til at give udtryk for sin egen bekymring.
I think it is the right of a Member of Parliament to raise his own concerns and fears.
DanishGiv mig nu et par sekunder til at give udtryk for min personlige holdning.
Now, if you will allow me, I should like to briefly set out my own personal view.
DanishHr. formand, først vil jeg gerne give udtryk for min deltagelse over for de ramte.
Mr President, firstly I would like to express my sympathy to those who were affected.
DanishAgter Kommissionen at reagere eller give udtryk for sin holdning i denne sag?
Does the Commission intend to respond to this letter or take a stance on this matter?
DanishJeg vil ligeledes gerne give udtryk for min sympati med Dem og Deres britiske kolleger.
I would also like to extend my sympathy to you and your fellow British Members.
DanishVed at undlade at stemme i udvalget ønskede vi at give udtryk for denne tvivl.
We wanted to express our perplexity as regards these points by abstaining in committee.
DanishMen vi må klart og entydigt give udtryk for vores afvisning af de voldelige grupper.
We must make it absolutely clear to the violent groups that we reject them.
DanishDe har dårligt råd til at give udtryk for Deres skuffelse, så jeg vil gøre det for Dem.
You each can ill afford to voice your disappointment, so I will do it for you.