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sweeping the globe
  • zamiatanie globu
  • zamiatanie kuli ziemskiej

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After decades of deepening globalisation and interconnection, movements championing national identity and power are sweeping the globe.
Revolutions, unrest, and riots are sweeping the globe.
And the ideology is currently sweeping the globe, he says.
The following article highlights the dramatic protests currently sweeping the globe, where tougher economic measures have meant that people's lives have changed significantly.
In a trend that is sweeping the globe, nations are electing authoritarian, populist figures, espousing the supremacy of dominant ethnicities.
Will the extensive use of lupins in standard foods, help to combat the plague of obesity and degenerative diseases that is sweeping the globe?
Slowly, more people are able to officially get in on the phenomenon that's sweeping the globe.
A vibrant movement has been sweeping the globe, one fueled by optimism, pragmatism and a recognition of our interconnectedness.
The oceans are, in places, a wilderness, sweeping the globe and washing the edges of our cities.
First, of course, news companies had to make the critical decision to charge for digital access to their content, a movement now sweeping the globe.

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