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suspension geometry
  • geometria zawieszenia

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Extensive changes have been made, especially to the rear, where the suspension geometry, shock absorber angle, and coil spring position have been changed for better stability, ride, and handling.
There are various parameters which control the suspension geometry.
The suspension geometry and damping has been re-tuned for more direct response with 10 percent more direct steering.
Under the skin, the suspension geometry and design have been tweaked to provide improved handling and stability, steering feel, as well as enhanced ride comfort.
Indeed, features like monotube dampers and slightly more aggressive suspension geometry angles make the car feel more planted when it comes time to explore its wild side.
Suspension geometry defines theoretical points -- one in the front, one at the rear -- about which the body rolls when subjected to cornering forces.
Beyond sharing the workload, this arrangement helps optimise suspension geometry to increase wheel control and gain more precise steering response with better initial effort.
The front suspension geometry is also a little strange - the car never looks like it uses the whole tyre-contact patch.
For starters, the front suspension geometry was completely revised -- the lower spring pans now sit closer to the axle.
Otherwise, the suspension geometry remains the same, with struts all round.

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