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super glue
  • super klej

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Or is it just a bunch of cardboard and super glue?
The rest is a matter of patience and careful arrangement of thread, tape and super glue.
Collect a pair of cheap shades, webcam, floppy disc, wire-hanger, wire cutters, electrical tape, super glue, small/large screwdrivers and a measuring tape/ruler.
Cyanoacrylate "super glue", like all other glues, relies on them.
Once this was done, they were secured with super glue.
This was filled into the 750ml bottles and the bottle cap and ring stuck together with super glue.
Turnbull later said some protesters had used super glue to attach their hands to the railing.
Did you know this beauty product can not only clean stains on china, but also dissolve super glue!
I picked a loaf of bread and super glue and my damage was 43.00.

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