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suburban growth
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How much this growth occurs in highrise development compared to suburban growth will depend on consumer preferences, affordability, land availability and city policies.
Oops, that didn't solve the problem instead it caused an acceleration in suburban growth and sprawl.
Land wars are roiling as competing interests do battle over suburban growth that some desire and some do not.
Instead, the municipality saw 56 per cent suburban growth, 28 per cent rural growth, and 16 per cent urban growth.
Our research analyzed this suburban growth by studying cities across the country using the latest census data.
The faster growth of large cities might relate to the continued slowdown in suburban growth, held back by a still-lagging housing market.
Save the environment by restraining suburban growth.
Yet the aggregate picture obscures the continued strong relationship between city and suburban growth within metropolitan areas.
Still, the new numbers for 2012-13, suggest a closing of the city-suburb growth gap with the small downtick in city growth and an even tinier suburban growth uptick.

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