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study the genome
  • badanie genomu

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Researchers that study human longevity are interested in studying the genomes of exceptionally long-lived species, including the bowhead whale.
They also used samples from 10 brown bears to study the genome of that species.
Luckily, there are plenty of researchers tackling these questions all across the globe, studying the genomes of groups of people with specific diseases and comparing them to healthy people.
The researchers studied the genomes of 398 college students, and asked the subjects to fill out a questionnaire to provide information about their behavior and anxiety levels.
Aparicio studies the genomes of breast cancer tumours.
The biologists studied the genome of vegetarians and meat-eaters from different countries.
So they have been studying the genome sequence of the whiteflies to determine which ones pose the most risk.
Buoyed by that success, he started contacting people who were studying the genomes of people with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, schizophrenia, and more.
As researchers study the genome in more depth, they hope to find the genetic differences that make bonobos more playful than chimps, for example, or humans more cerebral.
A large collaboration of researchers across 166 research centres studied the genomes of 182,416 women and the age at which they reached their first period.

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