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strong gravity
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The gas is dragged along by the strong gravity of the black hole to form a narrow gas stream.
Strong gravity makes for loud waves, so objects like binary pulsars are the good sources, and black holes are best because they are even more extreme.
Then, the team performed a simple simulation of gas clouds flung by a strong gravity source.
Do systems of galaxies not also form in a similar "disks of dust around a strong gravity point" method as solar systems?
Gravitational waves are caused when objects with strong gravity accelerate.
The radiation we see is warped and distorted by the motions of particles and the black hole's incredibly strong gravity.
Data has really strong gravity and once it's stored somewhere, it's hard to move around.
The supermassive black hole devours surrounding materials by its strong gravity and generates a disk around the black hole.
A giant, heavy object bends light from objects behind it due to its strong gravity - an effect called gravitational lensing.
The great tidal forces in this region of very strong gravity were expected to tear the cloud apart and disperse it along its orbit.

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