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strong gale
  • silna widra
  • silny gale

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Poniższe tłumaczenia pochodzą z zewnętrznych źródeł i mogą być niedokładne. bab.la nie jest odpowiedzialne za ich brzmienie.

The frightening weather warnings were met with welcome by some, however as surfers flocked to coastal regions as the strong gales provided perfect weather conditions for big waves.
It will give us a short spell of extremely heavy rain and strong gales.
The coast guard encountered heavy seas and strong gale force winds when they arrived at the scene.
We'll get gales or strong gales at sea and there will be gustiness at times, it'll vary.
The county council said that given the high tides, projected high rainfall and strong gale to storm force winds there is significant risk of river, coastal and tidal flooding.
The strong gales seen overnight have now mostly eased off.
The game started off in good conditions but a strong gale and driving rain soon descended on the venue.
Strong gales will lead to blizzards and drifting, which could be deep in places.
A popular garden centre run by a local charitable trust has taken a hit after strong gales ripped the roofs off two greenhouses, causing $10,000 damage and leaving stock at risk.
A union in which the couple expresses all forms of appreciation towards each other would survive the strongest gale.

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