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street grid
  • siatka ulic
  • siatka uliczna

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Instead of a traditional street grid, the design employs a network of public squares meant for pedestrians and cyclists.
Instead of a traditional street grid, the design employs a network of public squares surrounded by massive, interconnected skyscrapers.
I think the phrase "street grid" is being used very generally to refer to any layout, so long as it has relatively small blocks and high connectivity.
Maybe instead of a "street grid" we should be talking about "navigable blocks".
A map legend allows users to overlay different information like land ownership, topography, a street grid and other imagery.
Long term, if we can't remove cars from our cities, we should think about putting the auto street grid entirely underground.
The discovery of a town square and a street grid indicated that it was quite a massive city.
Seattle's street grid is packed beyond its capacity.
The centuries-old street grid, with its busy intersections and mix of apartments, shops, and restaurants, was dead.
The plan isn't so bad - it looks like the street grid could be more tightly integrated into the neighboring areas.

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