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strategic guidance
  • wytyczne strategiczne

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We expect to work to assume an active role in the development and growth of the new company, providing both strategic guidance and operational support.
When we acquire a company, we work to assume an active role in the development and growth of the company, providing both strategic guidance and operational support.
The firm provides the capital, strategic guidance, and acquisition expertise to help mid-to-late-stage companies realize their potential for growth.
Strategic guidance, tips and tricks on the various online marketing methods we have...
The committee can enhance the efficacy of directors in business oversight and in providing strategic guidance, which are increasingly recognized as board responsibilities.
The team's strategic guidance and hands-on approach to managing the investment have been a tremendous asset to the organization.
These incubators provide the necessary business infrastructure and strategic guidance, as well as an environment in which information, experiences and ideas can be freely exchanged.
He was instrumental in providing strategic guidance to multiple airlines and travel companies.
The boards add a lot of value from deep domain expertise and through strategic guidance and good governance.
Dozens of corporate advisors provided strategic guidance on the program's objectives, including defining indicators, developing methodology, and identifying partners and participants.

Przykłady użycia - "strategic guidance" po polsku

EnglishWe recognise that it is essential to improve coordination and to provide more strategic guidance.
Uznajemy za istotne polepszenie współpracy i zapewnienie w większym stopniu ukierunkowania strategicznego.
EnglishLong-term strategic activities or policy guidance will be provided by Parliament and the Council through the adoption of a strategic innovation agenda.
Poprzez przyjęcie strategicznego programu innowacji Parlament i Rada przedstawią długoterminowe działania strategiczne lub zapewnią ukierunkowanie polityczne.

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