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store garbage
  • przechowuj śmieci
  • magazyn śmieci

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Poniższe tłumaczenia pochodzą z zewnętrznych źródeł i mogą być niedokładne. bab.la nie jest odpowiedzialne za ich brzmienie.

Store garbage in a sealed container and in a secure area, like a garage.
Store garbage in bear-resistant, airtight containers inside a storage area that is not accessible to bears.
Safely store garbage until pickup day, clean barbecues, don't leave coolers out, keep pet food indoors and feed birds only in winter.
Store garbage well away from your lounging, playing and gardening areas.
Make sure to store garbage securely in an outdoor bin until pick-up day.
Residents living near the forest and throughout the county should store garbage safely where bears can not smell it or get to it, he said.
Conservation officers are asking people to be more bear aware, and property store garbage and discarded food.
Kenner officials urged residents to properly store garbage cans, lawn furniture and other items that might blow around or drift into streets.

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