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limiting greenhouse gas
  • ograniczenie emisji gazów cieplarnianych

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The constant climate change can be stopped only by achieving this and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
With no large reservoir, the "run-of-river" scheme will flood little land, thus saving rainforests, reducing the need to move people, and limiting greenhouse gas emissions from rotting vegetation.
It set the goal of limiting greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere, in an effort to reverse the trend of global warming.
Compared with global accords on limiting greenhouse gas emissions, a trade pact on drug prices should be a snap.
Environmental groups have been lobbying oil companies to acknowledge the risk that their fossil fuel holdings could drop in value as governments adopt climate regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
These are agricultural techniques that protect farmers from the effects of global warming and improve crop yields, while also limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
But for a state that recently passed a law limiting greenhouse gas emissions, electric trains make far more environmental sense.
The world has agreed to limiting greenhouse gas emissions to 450 parts per million.

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