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atmospheric gases
  • gazów atmosferycznych
  • gazy atmosferyczne

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He has qualifications in business, engineering and atmospheric gases.
Previous proofs have relied on complex climate models, but this proof doesn't need such models - just careful observations of the land, ocean and atmospheric gases.
In space, the incidence of light is unaffected by clouds, dust or the filtering effects of atmospheric gases.
One is a mass spectrometer investigating the full range of atmospheric gases.
One of the atmospheric gases the instrument detects is nitrogen dioxide.
Ozone is an irritant secondary pollutant formed by chemical reactions between atmospheric gases and nitrogen oxides from car-vehicle exhausts on sunny days.
The vibrant colours are produced at various altitudes by different atmospheric gases, with blue light emitted by nitrogen and green by oxygen.
He showed that the main atmospheric gases, nitrogen and oxygen, are almost transparent to radiant heat.
The package atmosphere is maintained with the optimum balance of atmospheric gases to prevent degradation.
Airgas is a producer of atmospheric gases and its 16 air separation plants make carbon dioxide, dry ice and nitrous oxide.

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