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and gas industry
  • i przemysłu gazowego
  • i gazownia

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Due to its low cost, high durability and compression the use of steel pipe is growing in oil and gas industry.
Each of these terms is commonly used in the oil and gas industry.
It's a tough time to be someone who works in the oil and gas industry.
Less than 10 per cent of the workforce are involved in the high income oil and gas industry.
Most would also repeal tax deductions for the oil and gas industry.
The acquisition of the equipment, may lead to a "vigorous market share battle" in the maritime and oil and gas industry.
Their combined effort demonstrates the real commitment that exists in advancing the province's oil and gas industry.
This is with the expectation that it will also extend to include the audit of other similar entities active in the oil and gas industry.
This life-cycle discrepancy has an impact on how to innovate effectively in the oil and gas industry.
This move, said an industry source, follows the company's growing success in this market over the past year, despite the gloomy oil and gas industry.

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