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amount of gas
  • ilość gazu
amount of gasoline
  • ilość benzyny

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The design includes environmental features, such as energy-efficient lighting, and a new broiler that uses one third the amount of gas as the previous model.
An explosion that sends ash into the air typically is governed by the amount of gas in the magma, he said.
The amount of gas in the tank will vary, depending on each user's inherent motivation and interest in each page's specific topic.
But once the amount of gas extracted exceeds the amount that the market requires, prices drop sharply.
The amount of gas available for export must be restricted to guarantee a surplus of supply to domestic and business users.
There are easy methodologies for reducing the amount of gas.
This is the amount of gas produced from gasifying approximately 200 pounds of wet wood per hour.
Gas prices dropped as advances in drilling such as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, greatly increased the amount of gas on the market.
They've maximized the amount of gas we can burn in power plants in the region.
The proposal would increase the generation of electricity from renewable sources, boost energy efficiency in older buildings and reduce by half the amount of gasoline used on state roads.
These figures are calculated solely on the basis of the distance traveled after a full charge and the amount of gasoline used.
They scaled back, dramatically, the amount of gasoline they produce for neighboring states.
The problem is that the amount of gasoline consumed is directly proportional to the amount of electricity produced.
In order to achieve ignition the fuel-air mix has to contain a certain minimum amount of gasoline.
But they may do more today than a low-volume electric car to reduce the amount of gasoline that the auto fleet burns.
Eventually you can get far enough away so that the amount of gasoline is negligible as is the amount of wind produced by passing vehicles.
The amount of air pollution created depended on a number of factors, including weather, surrounding structures, amount of gasoline pumped, and traffic intensity.

Przykłady użycia - "amount of gas" po polsku

EnglishAnd we went through moments of fears because we had no idea how the little amount of gas we had in the balloon could allow us to travel 45,000 kilometers.
Przeszliśmy chwile grozy nie wiedząc, jakim sposobem to trochę paliwa, które nam zostało, pozwoli przelecieć 45 000 kilometrów.

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